Llamasreadtoo’s favorite book is…

She had planned on reading 50 books this year: by November, she was already browsing through the 56th! Lisa loves books: it’s a lifelong thing. Yet this young lady wanted more : sharing her passion with others. She launched her bookstagram page a few months ago. Let’s fly to Toronto and find out more about this week’s bookworm!

What is your favorite book ?

My favorite book right now has to be The Dutch House by Ann Patchett. It is the warmest and yummiest book I have yet to come across. 

When did you read it ?

It came out just last year and I discovered it around February of this year. I listened to it on Audible first, it is narrated by Tom Hanks and it is absolute magic. I loved it enough to actually purchase a physical copy. 

Why is this book so important to you ?

The book is so simple and beautiful. It is literally just about a sister, a brother and their childhood home, The Dutch House. It has so much warmth and depth in the simplicity though. The relationship the brother Danny and the sister Maeve have is something I have always desired from my own relationship with my younger brother. Actually I do not think I have ever had that close of a relationship with anyone! I think that is why it is important to me. 

How many times have you read the book ?

I think I am on my third read now. I can see myself reading it a lot more. 

Did you lend it to anyone?

I have tried so hard to force it on my family because I love it so much. My best friend Kym bought the Audible version and gave it a try but it was not for her. My mother has it on her list but has not gotten around to it yet. I just want someone to love it as much as me. We have a book club at my work so maybe I will give that a try! 

How would you describe it ?

I would say that this book is warm, beautiful and heart breaking at times. At the very heart of it, it is about a brother and sister and you go along with them on the journey of their lives. With this journey comes happiness, complications, success, love, sadness and even death. You end up feeling so connected to them.

What questions would you like to ask the author?

A few questions I would ask the author Ann Patchett would be:  what inspired you to write The Dutch House?  Did you base the relationship between Danny and Maeve on any relationship in your own life? Is The Dutch House a real place? If so where? And if not what inspired it?  Was the character Andrea inspired by anyone? 

And its publisher ?

The publisher is Harper and here are a couple of questions I would ask : what made you want to publish The Dutch House?  How far into reading it did you realize how special this book is? 

What is your favorite bookstore?

My favorite bookstore and actually favorite store ever is Chapters/Indigo in Canada. It has all of my favorite things! Books, candles, Starbucks, etc. I could spend hours upon hours in this store. 

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