Books_worldofstarlight’s favorite book is…

« A room without books is like a body without a soul. » Natalia entered the bookstagram world last September with this quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero. She is sharing her readings with her growing community. Let’s find out more about this week’s bookworm!

What is your bedtime book?

I don’t think I have a specific everyday book because books usually make me stay awake. But since I was little there’s a book my mom always read to me to sleep called Cuentos de Angeles para niños, by Astrid Romero Gutierrez : small stories about angels having adventures (the angels are like kids).

When did you read it ?

As long as I can remember.

Why is this book so important to you?

Because I believe in and love angels, I think everyone has a guardian angel and because my mom read it to me all the time when I was little.

How many times have you read the book ?

Uuuffff a lot! I’m 23 years now !

Did you lend it to anyone?

Never, that book is mine only and my kids’ hopefully someday.

How would you describe it?

5 star book : it has many  messages in each little story.

What questions would you like to ask the author?

What was her inspiration ?

What is your favorite bookstore?

Barnes and Noble!! Every time I go to the US, I have to go there!!! I love it!!

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