Theskepticreader’s favorite bedtime book is…

Describing herself as « the slowest reader alive », Dunia’s universe is filled up with words: teaching English in high school, she also comments on her readings via Instagram. Let’s fly to Morocco and find out more about her favorite book!

What is your bedtime book?

I don’t take the same book to bed every night but If I were to pick one I would probably go for The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.                            

When did you read it ?

I have read it two years ago.

Why is this book so important to you?

I believe that this book has all the elements that would make it stick to a reader’s  memory  even after years. It’s one of the rarest books that made me smile, laugh, cry and sigh all at once. It’s one of those books that I think, kids should be assigned to read at school.

How many times have you read the book?

Just once! I could never bring myself to re-read a book except for one and that would be The Prophet by G.Khalil Gibran. However, most of my favorite books are annotated so that I would go back and read my notes or my favorite passages whenever I feel like it.

Did you lend it to anyone?

I’ve made the mistake of lending my books when I was younger, and I refrained from doing it. So my answer would be a big fat NO !

How would you describe it?

I consider this book as one of my favorites of all time, but I gave it 4/5 stars and that’s because there were some parts where I felt a bit bored by details that I considered as unnecessary.

What questions would you like to ask the author?

Death is the narrator in The Book Thief! This is both a brilliant and a bold idea! I would like to know how Markus Zusak got the idea in the first place. And why did he use the foreshadowing technique in his narration especially when the narrator is Death!?

 What is your favorite bookstore?

 In fact, we aren’t so lucky as to have a wide choice of bookstores that sell English books here in Casablanca so my go to place            whenever I get that crazy impulsive need to go book shopping is Fnac. 

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