Thenerdsidexo’s favorite bedtime book is…

Bellatrix, aka thenerdsidexo on Instagram, is posting book reviews on her account, since november 2018.  Last year, she read 52 novels: no wonder she describes herself as a book lover. What’s her bedtime book? Hint: she refers to herself as a « proud Slytherin ».

What is your bedtime book?

Any Harry Potter book. I love the whole series, and I love to read a couple pages before I sleep.

When did you read it ?

I’ve always been a Harry Potter fan, but I read it for the very first time in 2018.

Why is this book so important to you?

I’ve always loved the wizarding world and magic, my first ever book was « The wacky book of witches » that my dad got me when I was 4 years old, which I actually chose while Cinderella was laying down right next to it… So yeah I always had a thing for magic! And around a year later, I watched the Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone for the very first time and I completely fell in love with Hogwarts and the wands, the brooms, the spells… I connected to that world so much that even after 17 years I am still into any witchcraft book or movie. Harry Potter gets me in a great mood, so I tend to read a couple pages before I sleep to have a peaceful night and dream about my non existing days in Hogwarts.

How many times have you read these books ?

I read the english version of the book series one time, read couple books in french, and now reading it once more in spanish.

Did you lend it to anyone?

No, I don’t own the whole collection to be frank, but even if I did, I wouldn’t lend it. My baby is mine and mine only.

How would you qualify this book series?

I’d give it a hundred stars out of five! My all time favourite. It’s one of the best chronological stories with a specific care for details. As you follow Harry’s journey, you never feel like reading a book of witchcraft, but rather a story that was lived thousands of years ago, or in an alternate universe that we’re just not aware of.

What questions would you like to ask the author?

How can one be so creative? Does it come naturally? And can we ever get a prequel with the Marauders stories?

And its publisher ?

I know for a fact that the Harry Potter series were turned down by so many other publishers… Why didn’t you? (Not that I am complaining…)

What is your favorite bookstore?

The Virgin bookstore. I love everything about the store. The colours, the decoration, the aura around it.

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